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COMMENTARY: The beginning of the end, again?

IT'S ALMOST A letdown, Mike Riley publicly naming Sean Mannion the starter over Ryan Katz. It's been a foregone conclusion since Week 1 but Katz is now officially No. 2. Where's the intrigue in that? Heck, there was so much extracurricular drama last week I half-expected Riley to pull those two other guys late and suspend them for the fourth quarter, and the first three quarters of the UCLA game.

After all, Riley was switching out quarterbacks on second and third downs, why not enact the sometime-in-the-undefined-future suspensions of Castro Masaniai and Connor Hamlett beginning with the fourth quarter at Wisconsin? In all seriousness, it's good that Riley made the QB call. It should never have gone on as long as it did, but it's good it's finally settled. I would have preferred Katz... Recommended Stories

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