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Dwight & LA: The Mavs' Pain In 'Plan Powder'

Dwightmare is the hub. The Magic, Lakers, and yes, the Mavs, are among the many spokes. The takeaways from what might happen next as Dwight's buffoonish reps release conflicting info on a daily basis: A recommendation for ‘Plan Powder' ... A suggestion that one team quit talkin' and start tankin' … The difficulty of ‘patience' in Dallas:

The presumption, at this moment, that all the bricks have magically fallen in place for the unfathomably hate-worthy construction of a relationship between Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers is premature. But if's Jarrod Rudolph (a Howard crony) is accurate in his report, Howard is now agreeable to re-signing in LA and foregoing his summer-of-2013 free agency. This is... Recommended Stories

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