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NOTEBOOK: Checking in on UCLA

NOTEBOOK: Checking in on UCLA

HOW AMPED UP are they in Los Angeles after UCLA's 3-0 start and No. 19 ranking? An LA Times writer this week said Jim Mora, who has coached all of three games in college, looks to be cut from the same cloth as the best college/pro coach in the game today. Meanwhile, Las Vegas over the course of this week seems to be seeing things a little differently…

UCLA opened as an 11 point favorite over Oregon State for Saturday's tilt in the Rose Bowl. As of last check, that betting line had shrunk by a little more than 35 percent. UCLA is now favored by 7 points at home. Many people seem to be discounting OSU's win over Wisconsin, saying the Badgers were overrated. But if you want to play that game, don't you also have to question UCLA's wins too... Recommended Stories

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