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INSIDE: Q&A on Arizona State, Part I

INSIDE: Q&A on Arizona State, Part I

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between this year's Sun Devil team and last year's? What's the scoop on ASU's run defense, pass defense? How about on offense? Who are the players to watch? We asked all of that and more of the guy with his finger on the pulse of the Sun Devils -- Hod Rabino, the publisher of Here's Part I of the in-depth Q&A...

1. BF.C: What's the biggest difference between this year's ASU team and last year's team? Rabino: Scheme wise this ASU team plays at a higher tempo and is more aggressive. On offense, it's a system that is mostly based on downhill running of the ball and one that utilizes the tight end quite a bit. Those are stark differences from the offense of the last two seasons and... Recommended Stories

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