Coach Monken Makes An Impression On Calloway

Coach Monken Makes An Impression On Calloway

Tere Calloway made the long trip from Seattle, Washington to Hattiesburg, Mississippi last weekend. He took a few minutes to talk about his time on campus, and his impressions of new head Coach Todd Monken in this interview with

Tere Calloway is still recovering from jet lag after a very long trip from Seattle, WA to Hattiesburg, MS.

The three star Athlete said it was worth the trip, however.

"I was able to spend a lot of time with Coach Monken, and three times I was able to talk one on one with him," he said.

"While we were there we hung out with a lot of the players and got to know them. We didn't get to talk to many of them about the coaching staff much because they weren't there yet, but everyone said they really liked Coach Monken."

Coach certainly made an impact on Tere.

"The first impression that Coach made on me was that he is a player's coach, and he cares a lot about his players," he said. "He told me he'd treat me like a son.

"He also cares a lot about the goals of the players, and him and I talked a lot about the NFL and which position suited me best. He told me that he saw me at safety and also that I'm well suited at cornerback.

"We talked basketball, and just a lot of stories, it was great talking to him."

With students being out, they didn't get to see a normal weekend on campus, but he did enjoy what he was able to see.

"Mostly we just did a football tour," he said. "I loved the field, weight room, and locker room. I also got to meet the equipment manager and that was a lot of fun.

"We did spend a few minutes talking with the people in the business school and seeing the classes I'd be taking if I went there."

Tere said he and James Cox hit it off right away, "We had a great time together, and I think he's real overrated as a player," he said jokingly. "No, we had a good time and we talked about if we went to school together that we'd really challenge each other in practice and make each other better."

Tere didn't tip his hand as far as where he is leaning. He still has the same top 3 of Nevada, Southern Miss, and SMU. Coach Monken will be flying up in January to take a visit in home with him before he makes his final decision the second week of January.

"I'll have family and friends up with me at the boys club up here, and I'll have a press conference to make my announcement," he said.

Calloway said he is worn out from the official visits, and does not have any plans to take any more trips before making his decision. Recommended Stories

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