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What we've learned from spring: OSU WRs

CORVALLIS – Who will step up at split end? Can one player manage to put up similar numbers to the departed Markus Wheaton, thusly negating some of the pressure that will be allocated to the new Beav go-to guy, Brandin Cooks? Which of the young guns are making a bid for playing time? How did the Gwacham-Gilmore battle go and what can we expect from them moving forward?

From this chair post-spring, the Beavers remain sure of just one guy when it comes to the wideouts – flanker Brandin Cooks. The Veterans I took some time during spring ball to look closely at Cooks. I looked for, and expected to see flaws. And I didn't see them. Cooks is a machine – his speed has no apparent off button, and it is not a stretch to say he has the best hands on the team as well... Recommended Stories