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Sun gives Beaver D the chance to ‘measure'

THANK YOU BOWL game gods. Oh, you've certainly taken away more than you've given where the Pac-10 is concerned in recent years but the Sun Bowl opponent for the No. 24 Beavers, that's nice work. Oregon State gets a shot at a Top 25 team ranked higher. And they get a shot to measure up to their head coach's oft-repeated statement over the course of the season, plus a little redemption as well.

As much redemption as can be had in college football when you're not playing in a Rose or BCS bowl, that is. If the Beaver D rebounds on Dec. 31 in El Paso, however, if Oregon State comes out on top against No. 18 Pitt, the 2008 Beaver campaign suddenly takes on a different light than the filtered view presently seen in some quarters following the Civil War loss. And that's because the Beaver D...