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LSB: A blow by blow account


HILLSBORO -- It was a cold, blustery day in Hillsboro Stadium, with menacing clouds threatening to drench the affairs. Fortunately the rain held back as the North defeated the South 32-14. Fifty-two percent of the points were scored by players set to join OSU's football team in August. Here's a comprehensive, blow-by-blow account of the 62nd Les Schwab Bowl with an eye toward the Beaver recruits.

55 minutes before kickoff:  I park in the Intel parking lot and walk over thus avoiding the $3 fee.  Yeah, its not much but why pay to park when you can park for free and get a little exercise. 50 minutes before kickoff:  $8 to get in.  Not bad. 49 minutes before kickoff:  The music is LOUD on the field.  You can barely carry on a conversation without being drowned out by the tunes. 4... Recommended Stories

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